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Google Panda And Online Marketing

Exactly what is Google Panda and why does Panda matter for internet marketing? These are great questions particularly when lots of people do not even understand what Panda is. If you’ve a site, particularly a small business site then understanding what Panda is and how to follow by its guidelines is important for your business marketing.

Panda has additional or less redefined SEO or the ability to get visitors to your site. Google utilizes algorithms to test how effective a site is and then ranks it accordingly. Before to Panda Google liked the concept of sites being backlinked, that is other sites connecting back to your site, I guess you might call this affiliate marketing. This is why HubPages, Medium, and Squidoo were so effective for back-linking. But then Panda altered all that.

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Panda now seems for particular characteristics of a site with much less focus on back-linking. HubPages, medium, and others still perform a crucial role and will develop to cater for Panda but at existing small business holders must concentrate on their personal backyard prior to searching at off-site marketing. Let’s take a search at what you can do to ensure Panda is performing for you.

High Quality Content

Google has constantly loved high-quality content but there’s still more of a focus on it with Panda. Google fundamentally asks “can a user faith this content”. For example, a website selling health insurance but has info on diseases may not be seen positively by Panda.


Panda appears at exactly how long somebody keeps on a site. For small business internet marketing, this implies having lots of high quality webpages full of rich keywords. Google likes watching people discovering a website simply because Panda utilizes the logic of ‘the more time they are on there the more likely this website has high quality content’


Google Panda rates sites extremely when their content is distinctive. In other words, Google understands when somebody is copying content from elsewhere in order to attain lazy Search Engine Optimization. Your site content should be distinctive, i.e. you cannot discover it anywhere else.


The opposite to discussion, Bounce seems at how long it takes somebody to get off your site. Definitely, a high bounce rate is not effective. Again, plenty of webpages full of helpful info will reduce bounce rates as well as enhance Search Engine Optimization.

Conversion Rates

Google needs to understand what people are doing on your site. It is all well and effective to discover endless webpages but do readers really do anything, for example, buy, click, blog? If the audience are doing these things then Google thinks your site must be okay and will rank you accordingly

Avoid Advertisements

Yes, there is even a place for AdSense simply because Google owns it and creates money from it but less is more. Google Panda doesn’t need to notice your site clogged with flashing advertisements everywhere with small room for the content itself. Minimize the advertisements maximise your Search Engine Optimization.

Spelling As Well As Grammar

Yes, Google really puts a value on this. It is also regarding professionalism, particularly on small business sites. Ensure that your spelling, as well as grammar, is placed on less Google will think you are not serious!

And finally, update your site frequently. Google then thinks you’re maintaining current as well as providing more to an audience.

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