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Some of the local SEO marketing strategies to grow your business

You gotta localize business!

Why you’re not ranking on google ?

Why aren’t you optimizing it for search engines ?

You can! Its not that hard, its not that expensive.

You don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands rupees on Google adwords.

But here are some of the ways that I teach you how to do SEO for localize business.


Step 1-  the first is you need to know is Google My Business

Google My Business allow you list your localize business on Google. On there you are putting your company name, your address, your phone number. Once your are listed in there, you can rank on the local path of Google maps. Local path is, let’s say when you’re searching for Indian restaurant in Google on your mobile phone or computer. You’ll get all localize business on SERP (search engine result page).

You should be on there if you have localize business because if you’re there, you will get more business.

The next thing you gonna do is  get the reviews. The more reviews you get, the more higher you rank.

So tell people – rate us on google, leave positive reviews, leave good ratings. These are help you to rank higher.

Step 2-  make sure you include your address, your phone number, name of your business on contact page. By doing this people who are searching for local queries, here you get pop-up.

After that all you need to optimize your localize listing on google my business. Check your insights & reviews.

Step 3 –  if your website is running on wordpress, use the YOAST SEO plugin. It will pretty much optimize most of the things you need to do. If you are not running WordPress, then its fine.

You just go in your website there, address your title tags to include your keywords, your meta description to include your keywords and make sure you include the keywords you are going after with in the text or pages of your website.

If you do not have the keywords, how will google know what to rank you about?

Then you have to create more content.

So if you have a pizza shop, you have to right content about pizza

How to make amazing pizzas.

How to make them taste better.

How to cook them.

All these kinds of stuff,

I understand you are not in the business of teaching pizza, but by writing all these content about pizza and flavors and if it goes with soft drink or it does not and all these kind of articles you are more likely to rank for all the pizza terms within your city.


Sign up for google search console, with the help of google search console you can find out what issues google has with your site, what errors they are finding. You can also submit your sitemap. If you don’t have a sitemap, just go to create xml sitemap. If you google for it, there is a lot of free tools out there that create sitemaps for you. And you can specify which location your business is doing business as.

Right, you can pick which region, especially if you are a national business or you are focusing on india

Because sometimes you are localized and you have small stores all over the india and you can do that within google search console in which you can identify which region you are gping after.




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