Internet Marketing Trends to Apply in 2019

We welcome the beginning of the New Year with high digital expectations. Although we’ve seen a lot of innovations this year, the focus remains on quality user experience and reduction of their efforts. But what does this have to do with marketing trends? Everything.

In 2018, the technological evolution will make a big impact on internet marketing. In fact, it will shape new approaches to digital advertising that will define the customer engagement and loyalty to a brand. Therefore, here are a couple of upcoming marketing trends to look for in the coming year.

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has already arrived in marketing, though not many marketers realize this yet. Beyond the simple chatbots, you can encounter AI in marketing on a regular basis every time you see ads in search results and on social media.
However, 72% of business leaders believe AI will bring fundamental changes in the future. So far, 75% of developers include artificial intelligence in one or more application or service. And in 2018, it will take over websites as a live-chat tool for providing a better service to visitors and consumers.

Some of the technologies that can help digital marketing teams greatly increase the efficiency of their processes. Namely, how AI-based and machine learning tools already take over marketing. But first, let’s get one thing straight – you absolutely need to audit your processes to really know where these force-multiplying solutions can be applied.

Experimenting with Automated Content

While this lineup of AI products isn’t particularly ready for full-blown implementation, it can certainly make some content types easy to create and scale.

With services like Wordsmith, you can automate content creation by providing data and building templates, so that the algorithm could easily create bite-sized content for your marketing purposes. It’s not yet good for long-form content and probably will never be. It can help with content that needs to be created on regular basis to constantly attract traffic, and potentially save you hundreds of working hours.


Mobile Experience Includes Videos

A website optimization for mobiles is already highly recommended, but it will be a must in the year to come. Otherwise, you won’t rank high among search pages and the business will suffer due to a lack of customers. But there is one more reason you should consider a mobile application.

“In 2018, mobile video ad spending is expected to grow 49 percent to nearly $18 billion, while fixed online video ad spending is expected to decline 1.5 percent to $15 billion.”

According to Recode, mobile online consumption will increase to the point that people will watch about 36 minutes of videos on their smartphones and tablets. And you will need to catch up with online video ad investments if you want your organization to stay relevant on the market.

Customer Satisfaction is the Key

Customer satisfaction is expected to become the key brand differentiator. Hence, making sure the customers had a positive experience could help to develop a brand.

Due to this change in marketplace focus, 64% of marketing frontrunners stated that they are on the mission of securing a consistent experience across every channel. The consistency and interactive personalized marketing experience is precisely what you can work on in 2018.

Going Live and Social

In order to take personalization to another level, consider going live on Facebook. Though live videos are not something new, they are rapidly growing in popularity. Actually, 80% of users agree that they would rather watch a live video than read a blog post.

Moreover, Instagram will rule the market next year. Thanks to Instagram stories, this social platform became more popular than Snapchat. Meaning that Instagram is the go-to channel for 2018 internet marketing.


Marketers have to constantly be on the lookout for new marketing trends that customers prefer. And these four are just the beginning of many promising 2018 changes. So be sure to optimize your digital marketing according to new standards as soon as possible, because now is the perfect time to build the best marketing strategy.



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