Facebook marketing vs google marketing: what are best when you use paid advertising.

There are two major online adverstising platforms that you should use for adverstise online.

1st is facebook and 2nd is google

Which one should you use ?

Here you will know about the difference between facebook adverstising and google

Advertising and show you which one you should use for your business. when its come to online advertising.

First, google is intent-based (intent of purchase for a specific product or service.)

So with google adwords, people type in based on what they’re looking for. Ex- buy cheap shoes, buy cheap hotels in india.

These are the things that people would be typing in google. That’s why google adwords is great for.

When someone types in vehicle insurance on google adwords, the chances are they looking for vehicle insurance.

On the another hand with facebook ads, there is no intent based.

So with facebook ads, you can’t just go and create an ad like you want a ton of people to buy your vechicle insurance. So let just create an ad that says ‘vechile insurance buy now with best offers.

That wont work…


Because people who are on facebook are looking to connect  and interact with their friends. They are looking to look at the pictures, videos, others walls. For that reason, your ads won’t convert the same way that they would on google.

If you are an intent-based business where you are selling products or services and you are just going to go after people who are looking for a specific intent, such as they need consulting help, they need accounting help, they need to buy a product or a service like an iphone or house for their dog, whatever it may be.

Google adwords is great for that.

But if you want to go after a broad audience. Then Facebook marketing is amazing.

If you want to go after women who are interested in like- beauty because you want them to know about your new beauty products that is the best industry, Facebook Adverstising is amazing for that.

The main difference is Facebools is for a broad segmented audience, such as like beauty, people are interested in car they are car enthusiasts, people who are business owners. And with Facebook, you can create ads that drive people to a landing page.

That landing page should not just be like “buy my product right now”.

The ideal way to convert people from Facebook is to first give them some educational information, such as a blog post that breaks down why your products or services are amazing, what are they going to learn then convert them into their customer.

So again, GOOGLE ADWORDS in for intent-based.

FACEBOOK ADS  is to target a whole category segment, such as beauty, automotive, business owners and then from there with Facebook unlike Google, you don’t like send them to a page where they can buy right away.

Its more sending them to a page that educates first and then gets them to purchase. If you are selling a low-end ticket product on Facebook, you can drive them to a checkout page or a product page first.

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