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E- commerce trends to implement in 2019

As we prepare to enter 2018, the e-commerce market has never been so lucrative, with

record numbers of shoppers now preferring to buy online than brick and mortor stores. Here

are some of the top trends in the e-commerce world that will be worth watching throughout the year.

Trend no.1

Review marketing

  • Reviews allow customers to give honest feedback on their experience with the online retailer, so if there are plenty of high-scoring reviews with glowing recommendations from customers, this will resonate more than any advertisement ever could.
  • It may seem paradoxical, but retailer who display negative reviews are often more likely to be trusted than those who only show positive feedback, as customers generally appreciate this transparency.


Trend no.2


User-generated content

  • Just as review marketing makes customer’s input seem valued, encouraging user-generated content through social media can greatly strengthen the relationship between online retailers and customers.
  • E-commerce sites could encourage customers to post their own content on social media and reward them with discount, etc


Trend no.3

Triggered emails

  • E-commerce retailers should avoid bombarding customers with emails for the sake of it, but when an ideal opportunity presents itself to send emails, it ought to be taken.
  • Emails pertaining to abandoned carts, incomplete transactions or dormant custom usually prove effective when sent by e-commerce retailers, as these all help to retain customers who could otherwise have drifted.



Trend no.4

Digital wallet payments

  • The increased use of smartphones for online shopping has prompted the need for quick and simple digitalized wallet payments.
  • 23% of digital wallet payments are made through smartphones, compared to 19% on tablets and 16% via desktop devices.


Trend no.5

Chat bots

  • Customers often need solutions long after retailers regular business hours and, in today’s world, they expect instant answers.
  • Chat bots on e-commerce retailers websites facilities 24/7 customer support so that queries can be handled without having to wait until the following day.


Trend no.6

Rise of same-day delivery

  • When e-commerce began customers accepted that a multi-day waiting period was the norm. now, such is the competition that may consumers are’nt willing to wait even 1-2 days.
  • Forrester research shows that 30% of customers would happily pay extra for a products bought online to get it delivered on the same day as purchase.


Trend no.7

Influencer marketing

  • E-commerce retailers are consistently on the lookout for online influencers to drive their marketing strategies.
  • Tapping into these influencers can be more effective than ever before thanks to the emergences of influence marketing software which clearly indentifies methods of explorations when targeting specific leads.



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